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We offer naming services to give thanks for the arrival of an infant, and to seek the Lord's blessing for your child.


We would love to help you to celebrate your wedding and to support you in the making of lifelong vows. 


We walk with the bereaved in providing  joyful and reverent services of thanksgiving and remembrance.

Emmanuel Church is honoured to be able to support you in life's significant occasions.

In each of these important moments we seek to offer support, prayer, and the joy and hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus. 

* Naming Services include prayer and Bible readings and are held at a time convenient to the the family. These services differ from Baptism services in that there is no washing with water and the parents/sponsors are not required to make specific professions of faith. Baptism services are usually held within the service that the family attend. 


Please contact us here or using the button below if you would like to make an appointment with one of our Ministers to discuss your particular needs. 

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